We Specialise in Live Streaming

 We deliver engaging live video streaming content, webcasting and virtual events to support your business and community.

Our team can produce a TV-quality livestream of your event from anywhere, while fully complying with social distancing.

Conferences • Events • Weddings • Meetings • Launches, etc

Live Streaming, Let Showcase create your virtual event & stream online

HD quality video, streamed live from location. Single or multi-camera productions with vision mixing to bring a professional looking TV production to your website or any internet enabled device.

  • Single or multi-camera broadcast

  • Broadcast simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Twitter, and other streaming services

  • Live audio mixing, room amplification and overspill

  • Picture-in-picture PowerPoint slides broadcast

  • HD backup copy saved and edited with additional graphics and titles

  • Bespoke streaming options